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Viral Pictures of Alpha Hour Financial Officers Counting Plenty Money Like In a Bank Raise Eyebrow and Set Internet Ablaze -WATCH

Pastor Elvis Agyemang has come under fire following a viral picture of his financial officers counting massive cash after a church service.

The founder of the Grace Mountain Ministry has been accused of extorting monies from his church members by using the name of God and the Bible.

In this particular picture which has raised eyebrows and received mixed reactions from the populace, some financial officers of the Alpha Hour clan were busily counting heavy offertory which was collected in the course of one of their church service(s).

As suggested by a majority of critics who have come across this eye-catchy photo, the ultimate aim of alpha hour prayers is to make money from gullible people in the name of non-existent miracles, breakthroughs, promotions, Visa acquisition etc. because the man of God appears to be more of a businessman than a man of God.

In this picture, over 6 money counting machines can be seen meaning the cash in the photos will be over 3 million cedis if I’m not exaggerating.

Meanwhile, some social media users have also claimed that the picture was taken during last year’s 31st-night cross held at Obuasi Elwak sports stadium.

If that is true, then It’ll shock you to know that this amount won’t even be enough to cover the expenses of the program.

1.      Payment of rent for elWak

2.     Rentals of chairs

3.     Water bought

4.     Buses that transported the people to the venue, etc

5.     Take a look at the picture below to know more…


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