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Mykhailo Mudryk Forced To Apologise For Saying N-Word While Singing Along To Lil Baby Rap Song Last Summer

A video showing Mykhailo Mudryk rapping along to a song containing the N-word has emerged on social media.

The new Chelsea forward is heard saying the racial slur while reciting the lyrics from 2017 hit song Freestyle by American rapper Lil Baby.

Mudryk's representatives have issued a statement to The Sun: "Mykhailo is deeply sorry for any offence caused by the video posted on his TikTok account last July.

"Whilst his intention was solely to recite lyrics of a song, Mykhailo regrets his decision and wholeheartedly accepts it was not appropriate. The video has since been removed."

Kick It Out, football's leading football anti-racism group, said: "We condemn the use of all racial slurs, including the N-word irrespective of context.

"The N-word is deeply offensive and the use of this term by high-profile figures in football can only serve to alienate people from the game.

"It is important that footballers use their significant platform in a positive way, and we're encouraged to see that Mudryk has acknowledged the hurt caused by his use of this offensive slur."

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