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We Will Turn The Whole Ghana Into a Desert, Galamseyer Tells Akufo-Addo; Video Goes Viral and Got People Talking -WATCH

We Will Turn The Whole Ghana Into a Desert, Galamseyer Tells Akufo-Addo; Video Goes Viral and Got People Talking -WATCH

Kwofie K, an illegal small-scale miner, has warned the government about the determination of his mining workforce to engage in the willful destruction of forest cover in quest of gold.

Kwofie dared the authorities to pursue him and his group in a Facebook live video, alleging their action is motivated by the alleged involvement of government and political party officials in extensive illegal gold mining. GhanaWeb caught sight of the video.

“What is happening is annoying and I have been compelled to do this video, you should see the number of excavators passing through here to go and destroy the forests and that’s nonsense.

“We will all destroy the forest together. We cannot protect the cocoa trees because of GH₵1 milo. The leaders are destroying the land and we are following suit,” he stated.

He also pleaded with the government to stop political figures from actively participating in illicit mining and to provide alternative employment for the youth involved in it, else the entire nation would soon be deforested.

“The leaders should wise up. If we destroy the land, future generations will suffer so they have to implement good policies that will provide us with sustainable jobs so we can stop the galamsey. If not, we will turn the whole Ghana into a desert in just 20 years,” he stated.

Ghana continues to lose its forest cover and water supplies to unlawful mining at an exponentially increasing rate, despite numerous government initiatives.

Several government and political party figures were charged with involvement in the galamsey canker in a report that Professor Kwabena Frimpong-Boateng, a former minister for environment, science, innovation, and technology, submitted to the president.

In his 2021 report, which was recently made public in the media, the former minister who served as the head of the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Small Scale Mining accused a number of people, including lawmakers, ministers, and presidential aides.


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