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Yvonne Can Never Keep A Man Because Of Her Daddy Issues – Sally Mann Explains Yvonne Nelson’s Long Body Count

Media personality Sally Mann claims to understand why Yvonne Nelson, by her own admission, has a body count longer than the River Nile.

Mann, in an interview with Joy Prime, stated that women with daddy issues can rarely keep a man.

According to her, the damaging relationship with her father made Yvonne Nelson unable to hold a relationship.

Yvonne’s story is common knowledge by now – she revealed in her memoir, ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ that the man she hated all her life as her father for abandoning her was actually not her father – her mother lied to her.

Throughout her life, Yvonne hated Mr Nelson, but it turned out he had done nothing wrong as he did not father her.

She revealed after he died, her mother mentioned another name, Peter Ala Ajetey as her father – but a DNA test there yielded nothing either.

It’s clear to see Yvonne is damaged when it comes to daddy issues and Mann believes that played a clear role in her multiple relationships.

Mann also claimed she knew Yvonne’s ‘father’ Mr Oko Nelson as they worked out in the same gym.

She claimed he spoke to her many times and he never once denied Yvonne Nelson was his daughter.

Watch Sally Mann below…


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