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Yvonne Nelson Envied Jackie Appiah And Wanted To Be Treated The Same As Her – Ola Michael Exposes Yvonne’s Arrogance

Yvonne Nelson’s book, ‘I am not Yvonne Nelson,’ a memoir of the actress’ life has been the trending topic the whole of this week.

Despite being praised for her boldness and her resiliency in achieving her goals, the book has cut through the hearts of others who have been humiliated and exposed for being wicked.

In an interview, Ola Michael who is disappointed over how Yvonne told her story to humiliate Sarkodie and others, has exposed Yvonne Nelson’s arrogance and enviness towards her colleague actress Jackie Appiah.

According to him, Yvonne Nelson has not been hundred per cent honest with Ghanaians. He revealed Yvonne Nelson and Jackie Appiah’s tiff is about the former being envious of the latter.

Ola went on to divulge the whole story behind why Yvonne Nelson was banned from acting for a year and why she picked a fight with Jackie.

Explaining further, Ola noted that Jackie Appiah was a judge on the Miss Malika show at the time they were shooting Abdul Salaam’s movie and talked to him about the inconvenience it could cause, but he agreed to still work with her.

On two occasions, Yvonne Nelson was on set but Jackie couldn’t make it because she had to be on the Miss Malika program.

Yvonne went again but Jackie still didn’t show up for the 3rd time, she got angry, insulted the producer Abdul Salaam and stormed out of the place.

Yvonne Nelson disclosed in her book that she had informed them she was writing exam and didn’t want her time wasted so she had to leave. And because of that she was banned for a year.

However, Ola Michael noted in the interview that Yvonne had a problem with how they were treating Jackie Appiah.

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