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Abortion Is No Big Deal – Singer S3fa

Ghanaian musician S3fa has expressed her views on abortion and the hypocrisy surrounding it.

Speaking in an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the talented singer stated that many individuals who publicly condemn the act have likely undergone abortions themselves but remain silent about their experiences. S3fa’s comments emerged following the disclosure made by actress Yvonne Nelson in her memoir, “I am Not Yvonne Nelson,” where she admitted to having an abortion 13 years ago.

S3fa challenges the widespread stigma surrounding abortion in Ghana, highlighting the apparent double standards within society. She emphasizes that numerous individuals in the country have undergone the procedure, yet they are quick to criticize those who openly share their stories. Shedding light on this issue, S3fa aims to encourage a more open and understanding conversation about abortion.

The singer’s perspective on abortion is resolute and unapologetic. When asked if she would personally disclose having had an abortion, considering the disapproval it receives in Ghanaian society, S3fa confidently stated that it would not be a big deal for her. She assures that if she were to write her memoir today, she would include all aspects of her life, including any personal experiences with abortion, without hesitation.

S3fa’s willingness to openly discuss such a sensitive topic demonstrates her commitment to breaking down societal taboos and encouraging individuals to embrace their truths.

S3fa’s bold stance on abortion opens up an opportunity for meaningful dialogue within Ghanaian society. By advocating for honesty and acceptance, she aims to create an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their stories without fear of judgment. The singer believes that open conversations about sensitive topics like abortion can lead to greater awareness, empathy, and support for those who have gone through such experiences.


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