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Ghanaian Influencer Causes Massive Stir As She Walks Elegantly To Event

Well-known influencer Hajia Bintu, left fans and admirers in awe as she graced a live band music event hosted by the popular restaurant Chez Amis. The Ghanaian social media sensation made quite an entrance, captivating the audience with her elegance and stunning curves. 

Hajia Bintu's arrival at the auditorium was nothing short of spectacular. She wore an exquisite white outfit that accentuated her natural curves. Her confidence was noticeable as she walked into the venue. Her graceful demeanour and striking appearance immediately drew the attention of onlookers.

As she made her way through the crowd, Bintu shared warm hugs and exchanged pleasantries with fellow influencers and other dignitaries who had been invited to the event. Her charisma and friendliness were evident as she engaged with the attendees and a few fans who were fortunate enough to meet her. 

The event, organized by Chez Amis, was a grand affair, featuring a live band that kept the audience entertained with soulful music throughout the night. Popular blogger GH Hyper documented the entire night via video. 

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