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Yes, I Sleep With Women But My S*xuality Is Not Grounds to Disbar Me – Ama Governor Causes Stir



Ama Governor has stirred the pot once more ahead of her being officially called to the BAR as she addressed the initial petition to disbar her.

According to her, one of the reasons raised in that petition is the fact that she’s a l.£sbian who sleeps with women.

Ama Governor belatedly confirmed the allegation but said that is not a valid reason for an individual to be kept from joining the BAR.

According to her, she’s a certified pans£xual – ie she’s attracted to people irrespective of their gender or s*x.

Ergo, Ama Governor can sleep with a man today and bonk a woman tomorrow, all without blinking.

Speaking in an interview, she said that is not a reason for her to be kept from the bar.

Ama Governor has for a year now been engaged in a legal battle with the General Legal Council over its attempts to stop her call to the BAR.

She was initially refused entry based on the petition she mentioned but she challenged the grounds and eventually won.

Ama Govrnor spoke over the weekend during the ongoing #OccupyJulorbiHouse demonstration.

Check it out below…

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