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I Prefer Having Sex To Smoking Because It’s Healthier – Edem

Renowned Ghanaian rapper, Denning Edem Hotor, popularly known as Edem, has picked having sex over smoking weed.

The ‘Nyedzilo’ himaker explained that he prefers sex to smoking because sex is healthier, emphasizing that he can have sex once or twice a day, provided he is on a short vacation or idle at home.


Edem further emphasized that his temperance from smoking cannabis has kept him safe from depression, although he has faced some life challenges.


The crooner made this known while speaking in an interview with Roselyn Felli on Prime Morning show. 


“I’ve never been depressed. I’ve had low moments in life, but I’ve never been depressed, and I always say I think the reason is because I don’t smoke weed or cigarettes, (drink) intense alcohol, or do any of those things. I feel that for you to go through depression, if you’re at your lowest and you do those things, it might drive you into that space. I prefer sex to smoking and anything else. It’s healthier,” he stated. 


Edem, to a greater extent disclosed that even though he prefers sex to smoking, he is not addicted to sex or any other thing because the Bible considers things people are addicted to as their gods. He also divulged that though he smokes ‘shisha’ once a while, he is unable to perform well on stage after drinking or smoking. 


The award-winning rapper concluded by saying he has never been pressured nor influenced to engage in smoking cannabis, but people who get close to him reduce their level of engagement with such activities.




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