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Joyce Blessing defends Kuami Eugene; says his songwriting talent is God-given

Contemporary Gospel musician, Joyce Blessing has disregarded the idea and belief that secular artists are ‘satanic’.

In a recent conversation on Graphic Showbiz, the ‘Victory’ singer said ever since she announced that Kuami wrote her new song ‘Victory’, there have been so many discriminatory remarks against Kuami Eugene and herself.

Even though she had been disregarding these unfavourable comments on social media, she said the situation seems to be disrespectful to Kuami Eugene’s skill and talent.

According to Joyce Blessing, God created individuals and gave them talents and Kuami Eugene has a God-given talent, that is to write songs.

“From my understanding of the Word, God is the creator of everything including talents. I don’t think satan, who the people claim Kuami Eugene is serving, has any power to create or even bless any human being with a single talent.

“So why would anyone think that because Kuami Eugene wrote my song, it should be condemned. I want to ask such people, if they patronise only things made by Christians. If they own stuff such as cars, were they manufactured by Christians?

She continued; “I don’t like paying attention to such things because they only breed disunity in the music industry which shouldn’t be so.  We are colleagues, friends and family and tolerating this will only bring about divisions. Even God says He came for the sinful so who am I to discriminate?” she questioned.


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