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Serwaa Amihere apologizes after her attack on Church choir for stealing her designs backfired

Ghanaian Broadcaster and Entrepreneur, Serwaa Amihere has tendered an apology to the Action Worship Center after calling them out for stealing her designs.

The award-winning Journalist had in a post on Facebook, called out the Church and its Choir for stealing designs from her clothing company, Office and Co by  Serwaa Amihere.

Ms Amihere had seen a photo from the church with the females adorned in a beautiful pink dress, a design she claimed was her own.

“This is my intellectual property Action Worship Center. Your choristers stole my design. Something I’m selling. That is wickedness, pure wickedness,” she captioned the photo.

Serwaa’s outburst caught attention on social media, and some users went digging into the matter.

It was later discovered through Pinterest that the design Serwaa claimed as her own was actually an old design from a Chinese designer, Lee Jong Suk.

Serwaa was called out and accused of stealing designs from the internet and posing them off as her own.

She has since issued an apology to the church, their customers, the general public and revealed the company will be recalling the dress from their clothing line.


“Our claim to the IP rights in the Celine dress is insufficient. This resulted from a gap which we have identified in our internal IP assurance procedures. We have since taken decisive steps to improve our mechanism for avoiding IP violations.

To affirm our commitment to respecting IP rights, we have removed the Celine dress from our clothing line. Additionally, we are, by this publication, recalling the Celine dress.

Also, we feel obliged to apologize to the Action Worship Centre for the embarrassment that our claim has caused them.

We wish to reassure our esteemed customers of our deep commitment to offering a superior quality and style option of globally competitive women’s office clothing and accessories.”


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