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There’s no future in Ghana, the youth are working just to afford “Waakye”- Efia Odo laments

One of the few celebrities who have been very vocal during the #FixTheCountry and #OccupyJulorbiHouse protests is Efia Odo. The actress and socialite has used her platforms to campaign against bad governance; she has also been physically present at protest grounds.

In a recent appearance on the “Day Show” with Berla Mundi, the actress-turned-musician complained bitterly about the plight of Ghanaians, and explained why it is important for her to champion these protests.

According to Efia Odo, what pisses her off the most about the current Ghanaian predicament is that the country is broke, and people are living hand to mouth.

“We’re broke, like financially, it’s like we’re working so hard and they cannot say that the youth are lazy. I see people working every day, every morning on the street ,mothers are having their kids on their back selling trying to make ends meet on a daily basis so we’re not lazy. It’s just that it’s like you work so hard and just to make coins in the end you know there’s no future.

“Literally in America you can literally work at McDonald’s and build a future for yourself, over here you’re literally working to just to buy “Waakye” to eat. You don’t even have the mentality, you can’t even think about even like buying a car or buying a house you’re thinking of how you’re going to eat tomorrow and that’s a problem.

Efia Odo who announced a while back that she was stepping away from the #FixTheCountry movement due to death threats explained that she was taking a different route with the movement.

“So I actually want to change the direction. I feel like at the end of the day the things that I’m saying they know they see it so I have to take it into myself and find a way to help the people because if the if the people in power the people that we vote that we give power to are not willing to help us, then I have to find a way within myself and my power and my platform to help the people that I so badly care about.

Asked if she’s figured how she wants to go about the new direction, she said;

” I mean um I’m still in talks with people of um of power people who have the finances to support an NGO. You know, I do my part by supporting people in my neighborhood people in my inner circle, my social media every day. People are like can you please give me 50 cedis, 20 cedis a the laptop; do my little part that I can but I don’t like to talk too much about what  I’m coming to do because I don’t really jinx myself but I am working behind closed doors to work with other people and bringing a change to the youth.”

Watch video below;

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