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All my life savings have gone into buying diapers, transgender Jay Boogie cries out

Popular Nigerian transgender influencer Jay Boogie has taken to social media to share the devastating impact of a botched surgery that has left him grappling with health complications and dwindling savings.

The self-acclaimed most beautiful transgender in Nigeria who recently called out the surgeon responsible for the procedure, opened up about the challenges he is currently facing in a candid Instagram Live session.

Days ago, Jay Boogie made headlines when he publicly denounced a doctor for a poorly executed surgery that has not only jeopardized his health but also wreaked havoc on his life and career. 

The aftermath of the surgery has been nothing short of a nightmare for the influencer, who has been reaching out for support and assistance, but says “People are no longer donating to me”.

In the latest Instagram Live session, Jay Boogie pulled back the curtains on the difficulties he has been enduring since the botched surgery.

He expressed profound regret over the alleged incompetence of the surgeon, attributing the decline in his health to the aftermath of the operation.

The influencer went on to state that the surgeon’s actions had not only ruined his life but also significantly impacted his professional trajectory.

However, what has added another layer of distress to Jay Boogie’s predicament is the financial toll of the complications.

Jay Boogie disclosed that his entire life savings have been depleted, all spent on essential medical supplies, particularly diapers.

“I pray this doesn’t take my life,” Jay Boogie cried out, shedding light on the severity of his predicament and the toll it has taken on his mental and emotional well-being.


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