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Poverty is a killer disease; it made me look ugly – Delay shares media journey

Renowned Ghanaian media personality and entrepreneur, Deloris Frimpong Manso, professionally known as Delay has not too long ago shared her life story, shedding light on her not-so-smoother journey in the Ghanaian media space.

According to Delay, she was financially unstable when she first joined the industry. She detailed that people called her all kinds of names including ‘unattractive and ugly’ because she was very poor and couldn’t afford certain basic things that make a woman look good.

She emphasized that affording basic necessities like body lotion and good dresses during that period proved to be a big challenge, however she never gave up or make that be a threat to her confidence because she knew what she wanted to achieve.

The media mogul, who doubles as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Delay Foods made this statement during an exclusive interview on Kumasi-based radio station, Pure FM.

“I’m really a fighter, if you take a look at where I’m coming from…like when I first came into the industry, people said I didn’t have the looks and I wasn’t beautiful….It was poverty. Poverty is not good because it can make you look bad. Poverty is a killer disease and it’s the truth.

“Because I was broke I didn’t have money to buy a good lotion for my body and I couldn’t buy a good dress for myself. So, people saw me ‘someway’. They said I was fat, and not fair. like I mean they said I didn’t have the standard looks. But all these didn’t discourage me, it strengthened me to become who I am today,” she said.



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