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Why do people hate the truth?

Why do people hate the truth?

First, because the truth disappoints them.

Secondly, because the truth often brings no benefits.

Third, because the truth doesn't seem real at all, most lies are more cleverly made up.

Fourthly, because the truth hurts.

I don't want you to wage war while believing you are spreading peace.

We can resolve a conflict with a friend or colleague in a peaceful way, and it is similar to a conflict that causes a war.

The shedding of blood only causes further shedding. Peace has never been cultivated on the tip of a sword.

I know that it is impossible to bring peace to the world in one day, but by uniting in small steps, we can do it.

Remember, a hero is not the one who kills, but the one who saves lives.

Jah Bless all People.

One Love ,One Heart, One People, One World


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