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Eddie Nartey advises ladies to carry cash along when a Man invites them on a date

Ghanaian actor and film director, Eddie Nartey, has recently offered practical dating advice to ladies, urging them to carry cash along with them when invited on a date by a man.

Eddie’s counsel aimed to empower women and promote a sense of financial independence, encouraging them to be prepared for any situation that may arise during a date.

In a society where traditional gender roles often influence expectations around dating, Nartey’s advice challenges the norm, emphasizing the importance of self-reliance. By suggesting that women carry cash, he advocates for preparedness rather than dependency, fostering a mindset of equality in relationships.

In a video sighted by Ameyaw Debrah Media, the actor said ”Ladies, if a guy invites you on a date, please prepare. Carry some cash with you because you may not know what will happen. And even when you go, be mindful of what you eat. Don’t carry Ghc100 with you and go and order food with Ghc300. What will you do if something happens?” he quizzed.

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