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Support smart, humble Amin Adam to succeed – Ofori-Atta tells Finance Ministry staff

Former Finance Minister Ken Ofori-Atta has expressed confidence in his successor, Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, urging the Ministry of Finance staff to support him in ensuring the successful execution of the IMF-ECF programme for economic growth and transformation.

In a heartfelt letter of gratitude to the MoF staff, Ofori-Atta thanked them for their tireless service, commitment to excellence, and the privilege of working together. Encouraging them to uphold professionalism, ethics, efficiency, and responsiveness, he envisioned a Ghana Beyond Aid.

Ofori-Atta specifically called on the team to rally behind the new leader, Dr. Amin Adam.

Describing Amin Adam as a smart, humble, and inclusive leader, Ofori-Atta emphasized the importance of collective effort to ensure a successful tenure for the new appointee.

“The future is here with us as we are blessed with a new leader, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, who replaced the venerable Charles Adu Boahen and has been with us through some of the most difficult times. Let us all circle the wagons and ensure a blazing success for his stewardship.

“We all know him as a smart, humble and inclusive leader. Let me state with all humility that nothing would honour me and the ‘Office of the Minister’ more than for you to work with renewed diligence to guide Hon. Amin and our nation to the successful execution of the IMF-ECF programme to promote economic growth and transformation.

“Once again, I thank you for your tireless service and commitment to excellence. It has been my utmost honour and a rare privilege to serve alongside each, and every one of you. I pray that you continue to be resolute, dedicated, unwavering and committed to the work of the Republic and care for the finances of the State.”

Click here to read Ofori-Atta’s letter to the staff of the Finance Ministry

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