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WATCH: Elsie, a businesswoman and a single mum with beards claims men don't want to approach her.

Elsie is a businesswoman who sells women’s and kids' outfits in Tanzania. The single mum with beard claims men don't want to approach her. 

The young woman has beards, a condition that is inherited and she revealed some of her sisters also have facial hair.

“I accepted myself because it’s natural. I was given by God. But there are a lot of challenges that I do face. Some people think I am transgender, but I would like to clarify that I am a woman. I have been blessed with one daughter and I am just okay.

Many people wonder when they see me because I look different, but I am just like any other woman. Men fear me and they go around asking my friends if I am a real woman or transgender," she said.

Watch her interview below;

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