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John Mahama and NDC – Bongo Ideas drops deep secrets on his kidnap and physical assault

Controversial Ghanaian blogger, political critic and dissident, Albert Nathaniel Hyde aka Bongo Ideas has finally given a blow-to-blow account of what actually happened to him when he was kidnapped.

Recall that on 14th March, Bongo Ideas made it into the headlines after his family prompted the general public that their royal was forcefully taken away from them in a Rambo Style like Hitler’s Gestapo.

Hours after his infamous kidnap, he returned home looking weak and beaten.

Initially, it was reported that Bongo Ideas was ‘arrested’ by some officers belonging to the Ghana Police Service but the security Unit dropped an official statement to distance itself from the whole saga.

After 12 days of silence, the man, the myth and the pinned cyberbully legend, Bongo Ideas, has finally gone all out to delve into what truly happened to him during his kidnap.

As claimed by Bongo Ideas in his trending writeup, three men in police uniforms stormed their house at dawn on 14th March 2024 to arrest him.

In his writeup, he asserted that he was beaten and pinned to the floor like George Floyd.

The three men who paraded themselves like policemen also took his phones, (One iPhone and one Yam phone) and his laptop.

He further explained how he was blindfolded and shoved into a police van.

Later, he was asked if he had been paid by John Mahama and the NDC to constructively criticize the ruling NPP party led by Nana Addo.

Because they suspect he’s politically motivated to be doing things he does on social media.


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