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Kuami Eugene Was Behind Kidi’s Strange Sickness And It’s His Pay Back Time – Ghanaian Spiritualist Reveals Mystery Behind Kuami Eugene’s Accident

Musician Kuami Eugene is reportedly in critical condition after he was involved in a gory accident on the N1 road a week ago.

Though his management has announced that he is okay but has broken his hand, a report that popped up on social media a few days ago indicates that the musician needs prayers because things are not looking well.

Aside from that, there have been some doom prophecies about Eugene where different prophets have said his life is in danger.

Coming on the back of all that, a Ghanaian spiritualist has also revealed the mystery behind Kuami Eugene’s accident.

According to him, Kuami Eugene and his record label mate Kidi are involved in a spiritual battle.

He disclosed that Kuami Eugene was behind Kidi’s recent strange illness.

However, Kidi flew to India for medical treatment and also sought some spiritual protection.

Through that, he discovered Eugene was behind his sickness so he overturned it with an accident for him.

As it stands now, Eugene must be spiritually fortified. he needs prayers for God to save him.

Watch the video below;

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