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Lady pours acid on her boyfriend for allegedly cheating on her

A young Kenyan lady has reportedly poured acid on her boyfriend for cheating on her.

The lady whose name has only been given as Esther claims she carried out the vile attack on Kelvin Pogo because she thought he was having an affair – but it later turned out he was not.

The 28-year-old bought a litre of sulphuric acid online and poured it on her 29-year-old boyfriend.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Mr Pogo, who now has life-altering scars all over his face and body, said: “Every day I wake up is like the day she attacked me. It’s like time has stopped.

“Every time there is a knock at the door I’m scared someone is going to hurt me. She used to be my world and she did this to me. I just can’t understand it.”

And to make it worse, she poured more acid over his face and body while he was lying on the couch resting the wounds he had already suffered.

After Kelvin ran out of their flat screaming, a member of the public managed to get him medical attention.


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