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Many do not understand why Stonebwoy brought Odumodu Black on such a continental stage, to promote their new single.

Many do not understand why my brows are raised in caution and how Stonebwoy bringing on Odumodu Black on such a continental stage, to promote their new single is a bold move.

Why? Because regardless of however you see it, such continental stages are designed for individual glories; i.e: AFCON, World Cup, Olympics, Champions League Opening + Closing Ceremonies, All African Games(the AFCON of the World Olympics btw) are stages arguably NOT designed for shared glories. Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid are not doing that for any Ghanaian artist. Even if the stage was set on Ghanaian soil. Let's be very real and honest.

So please in your bid to understand my post, don't lift the context and juxtapose it to an O2 Arena typa convo; they are entirely different.

I think Stone could have simply given us a teaser and make us thirst for more ahead of the release. Giving a rising artist like ODMDBLVCK such a platform(arguably the biggest stage in his music career yet) is a huge statement. It speaks a lot about our niceness and premium hospitality as a people and further more deepens Stonebwoy's pan-african agenda(pay attention to what he said before he performed the record). 

We have been mocked and laughed at with all bitter elements of condescension for things like these in time past that have contributed to the Afrobeats movement by our cousins today. Hence my point about hoping that one day this performance wouldn't become an ungrateful reference by our cousins in the future. 

Nonetheless, look forward to the single title 'Ekelembe,' out on April 5. 

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