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TIPS OF THE DAY: How to tease your spouse sexu@lly

1. Wear no bra when with your husband. Him seeing your nipples poking what you are wearing teases him

2. Grab her butt when she is cooking. That is an area only you are allowed to feel

3. Give your husband a lap dance. Entertain him

4. Dance sexually for your wife, if possible, naked. She will get excited seeing your penis jumping and even swelling

5. Make out and rub your spouse in the private areas while taking a shower together 

6. Give your spouse a full body massage with a happy ending

7. Find that neglected spot your spouse loves being touched; such as the scalp (this is why some men love head massages at the barber shop) or cleaning of ears

8. Dress up for sex. Have those outfits that are all about sexual appeal

9. Send your spouse naughty text messages and voice notes

10. Video call your spouse and seduce him/her on the phone

11. Whisper to your spouse the kinky things you will do to him/her 

12. "Accidentally" pour water on your t-shirt at home. Men get turned on by a woman wearing a wet t-shirt exposing the shape of her breasts 

13. Wake your spouse up with rubs or licks

14. Make moaning sounds to your spouse's ear

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