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Tragic! Former Chelsea player discovers he isn’t the biological father of his 2 kids after DNA test

Former Chelsea and Real Madrid player, Geremi Nijtap Fotso has decided to file for a divorce after a DNA test revealed that he isn’t the biological father of his two children.

Geremi’s wife, Laure, had supposedly had an affair with her former spouse while she was with him.

Until the DNA test, the former footballer believed the twin children to be his.

So, Geremi accepted the woman and her daughter from a previous relationship only to be cheated on.

Before the DNA test, Geremi was busy training 3 kids from the same man: his wife’s ex-boyfriend.

12 years of marriage, three children. A daughter from a previous relationship and two twin sons in marriage.

By every standard, this Geremi Nijtap Fotso’s wife struck gold in him. A former Real Madrid and Chelsea star. A kind and decent gentleman from all accounts.

He came into the marriage with no child of his own. He accepted her daughter as his own.

“All was good” for over a decade until the great universe decided to have mercy on the son of man.

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