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Video of Brother Sammy’s over $1M 20-bedroom all-white mansion pops up on the internet

Ghanaian gospel sensation, Brother Sammy has inspired his fans and followers on social media after a video of his magnificent state-of-the-art edifice surfaced on social media.

Despite being very active on social media, Brother Sammy has managed to keep his personal life and assets off social media.

In a heartening video, a woman believed to be Brother Sammy’s sister can be seen taking a tour in and out of the 20-bedroom mansion.

Brother Sammy’s super-expensive property sits on about 5 plots of land.

The main edifice is a three-story building with a boys’ quarters attached to it.

As revealed by the woman in the video, the property was 90% complete as of the time of the making of the clip.

It’s speculated that Brother Sammy has spent around $1 million on his trending property

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