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UPSA students caught on tape enjoying themselves on a balcony (VIDEO)

Last week, it was reported that one UPSA cleaner jumped from the 7th floor when caught trying to rape a student.

It adds that the guy took that quick escape plan after the female student he wanted to rape screamed and attracted some guys to come to the room to save her.

Upon seeing that he had done ‘Yawa’, the cleaner moved towards the near window and threw himself from the 7th floor to the ground floor.

In a new development, a video has emerged from the school that shows two students knacking themselves on the balcony of one of the rooms.

Another student tried zooming in and out of each segment of the alleged doggy-style knacking while watching the action from a nearby balcony.

Due to the site policy, we can’t share the video here but you can click on this link to watch the video.



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