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‘We are not friends’ – Yvonne Nelson opens about relationship with Sarkodie after release of her memoir

Actress Yvonne Nelson has opened out about her relationship with rapper Sarkodie, exposing a major rift that has developed since the publication of her book.

The popular actress revealed information about a previous relationship with Sarkodie which resulted in an abortion in her biography, “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson.”

Regarding her present partnership with the renowned rapper, the well-known actress acknowledged that since the disclosures in her book, both have not been in any cordial terms.

She revealed this in an interview on Onua FM on March 22.

“There was no rift between us. We are not friends, and we have not been close friends after what happened in the book. It is okay for people to feel how they feel but that doesn’t stop anyone from telling their stories.

“We are telling our young girls to speak up, and if you’ll speak up for people to feel uncomfortable, then that is their problem so far as you are telling the truth,” she said.

The feud between the two old flames escalated after the movie producer in her recent memoir “I Am Not Yvonne Nelson” revealed that she had an affair with the rapper in 2010 which resulted in a pregnancy.

In Chapter 8 of her book which was launched on  June 18, 2023, at the Peduase Lodge, the actress and producer recounted her decision to abort the pregnancy because Sarkodie refused to take responsibility.

I told Yvonne Nelson to keep the pregnancy but she said she has to complete school – Sarkodie shares his side of the story in ‘Try Me’

However, the rapper took advantage of his creativity as a musician and replied Yvonne Nelson with a song.

In the song titled ‘Try Me’, Sarkodie addressed the abortion allegation indicating that nobody forced the actress to reveal the abortion incident.

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