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Facts about women that many men don't know

A WOMAN will BLOCK you, DELETE your NUMBER and tell you never to CALL her again and still expect you to CALL her. It's only WOMEN that can explain it better.

In the midst of an ARGUMENT with her, don't bother exchanging WORDS with her because it's not her that's SPEAKING, instead LISTEN to her, and let her continue VOMITING. And when she's COOL, EMBRACE her and let her know how much you LOVE her.

LISTEN BRO, a WOMAN that truly loves you doesn't behave NORMAL, at times she behaves like an EVIL though in a GOOD WAY, she will BLOCK you on WHATSAPP, FACEBOOK and still use her FRIEND'S FACEBOOK ACCOUNT to see how you are HOLDING UP.

They may BREATHE FIRE and BRIMSTONE in front of you and breakdown in TEARS in a CORNER. Their HEARTS are SOFTER than a NEW BORN BABY'S FEET honestly. Until you realize and understand that most WOMEN SPEAK in OPPOSITE MEANINGS whenever they are MAD and ANGRY at you, then you will forever fall in same trap of counting your EX'S. 

A WOMAN that truly loves you will have a FIGHT with you, SLEEP on the same BED with you and give you SPACE for 10PEOPLE in the MIDDLE, but still be TURNING SLOWLY to CHECK if you TURNED your back at her or FACE her. I laugh when I hear MEN say they don't UNDERSTAND WOMEN, my brother how can you UNDERSTAND someone that was CREATED while you were SLEEPING. HELL NO.

What am trying to say is don't act upon ANGRY WOMEN'S WORDS. Most of the times, this GENDER don't really mean what they say.. Truth is WOMEN are wonderful creatures, they're like SALT, their presence may not be felt but whenever they leave, everything becomes tasteless. FEAR WOMEN. This GENDER that will stand in front of a MIRROR just to CRY and CHECK if she is CRYING BEAUTIFULLY.


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