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Nana Ama Mcbrown finally speaks after Husband deleted all her love Photos (VIDEO)

Finally, Nana Ama Mcbrown has spoken after her husband deleted all her love photos and the trending sidechick issues.

For over a year, rumours have circulated about the possible separation between Ghanaian actress Nana Ama McBrown and her husband Maxwell Mensah.

Despite these persistent whispers, the couple publicly maintained that they were still together by often making joint appearances.

These rumours peaked when McBrown felt compelled to address them directly during an interview with Andy Dosty on HITZ FM.

She refuted the claims in the interview, insisting that she and Maxwell were still happily married.

However, despite her reassurances, an insider subsequently alleged that Maxwell had been unfaithful on multiple occasions and had even been caught in the act several times.

This same source claimed that McBrown once slapped Maxwell during a heated argument over his infidelities.

While the divorce rumours have yet to be officially confirmed, recent actions by Maxwell have added fuel to the fire.

Just hours ago, Maxwell took to his Instagram page to delete all photos of McBrown, including pictures he had posted to celebrate her birthday and other posts that featured affectionate captions.

Maxwell’s decision to erase all traces of McBrown from his social media account has led many to believe that their marriage may indeed be over.

The couple, who have been a prominent fixture in the Ghanaian entertainment industry, are yet to make any official statements regarding their current relationship status.

As fans and followers await further developments, the removal of McBrown’s photos from Maxwell’s Instagram page stands as a significant indicator that all may not be well in their marriage.

Whether this is a temporary rift or a sign of a permanent separation remains to be seen.

Well, as expected Nana Ama Mcbrown has reacted in a video that has already gone viral on the internet.

In the video, Empress Mcbrown flaunted her beauty as she gleamed with smiles signifying that she is VERY OKAY despite his husband’s move to delete all their loved-up photos.

The Actress and TV Presenter from the video and the background sound she used for the video want to tell us that regardless of the happenings she is not perturbed.

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