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Meet Margaret Adu-Asabre – the Budding Actress to Watch Out For This Year

There are people born into this world that have a purpose from the start.

They were meant to do something, and know it for their whole lives.

Actress and entrepreneur Margaret Serwaa Adu-Asabre is one of those lucky few. Born in Accra and raised in Uadarra barracks in Kumasi, she has known what she wanted to do at the age of six – acting. She started performing both at church and school at that early age.

Margaret carries a larger-than-life persona when she steps into a room. Impressively vibrant and immensely talented, the Ghanaian-born beauty exudes ambition that has gained her impressive movie roles.

A strong combination of warm personal charm and a rare figure, Margaret’s launch in the movie industry is steadily building momentum.

With years of acting experience, Margaret Adu-Asabre is gradually becoming an in-demand, versatile force in the industry.

Her career is on the move, and she is definitely someone to pay attention to this year.


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