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So The Story Would Have Been “ANGELA OKORIE” Died After Putting A Smile On The Face Of Her Fans After Performance

In the early hours of today, the award-winning Nigerian actress Angela Okorie whom in few days ago was attacked by gang men and to God be the glory, the actress is back to life now responding to treatment released a statement.

According to the actress, "So the story would have been Angela OKorie died after putting a smile on the face of her fans after performing at Infinix Nigeria show on 12/12/2019."

The actress, out of pain and anger further gave vivid details of her statement;

Here is the detail of her statement made:

They are angry I survived it hmmmm ok oooo, some people made a video saying I was lying, that it was framed up.
Even as video was shown how the pellets were removed, they still insist I was lying.

Listen y’all

I’m not here to banter words with anyone but to warn those of you carrying fake news about Angela Okorie.

Anti-kidnapping squad is on this case and they picking up anybody who is involve or take up fake news about this incident (fake bloggers).

Fake accounts continue, open more fake accounts, just know you can’t hide for too long.

Whoever that comes out to say on the contrary to what happened to me should provide us with their evidence, else you will
Go in for it.

It simply shows you the way about of the criminals, and you must provide them or you go in for it.

All I need now is your support and prayers not mockery, she added.

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