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American Rapper “Lil Wayne” Reveals His First Ever To a Different Continent As Africa Particularly Nigeria

Lengendary American Rapper ‘Lil Wayne’ has revealed his first vist to another Continent being Africa, Nigeria to be prcecised which can confirm.

In the beginning of the year 2019 which can be recalled as most foreigners directed their journey to the continent of Africa specifically as payment of visit to most of the African countries with Nigeria and Ghana as known countries.

This visit was campaigned for and which Ghana named it as ‘Year of Return”.

Among these foreigners were Cardi B, rapper T.I and wife, Rick Ross, Ludacris, Akon, Popccan, Steve Harvy and others.

In a recent interview by another prominent and known American rapper, “Lil Wayne”, he also disclosed that, he hasn’t yet visit any continent before and he is yet to visit Nigeria as his first ever visit to a different (Africa).

“I would like to visit Nigeria, I heard it’s lit over there”, he said.

The rapper also mentioned Egypt as his second place to pay a visit to when he arrived in the Africa continent.

Watch interview;

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