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WATCH: The Brokenhearted SHS girl vows to become a Slay Queen and milk men Dry.

About three days ago, when a video of SHS girl was spreading on social lamenting bitterly as a result of broken relationship by a boy mentioned in the video as Timothy, fetched her one of the serious teenage disease “Broken heart”.

With all the advices and consolations by her friends and people who took to their intersest, the broken hearted girl has today made a video to show how fast she has overcome the situation due to a decision she has strongly taken.

Sharing her decision taken to public as the first video when the incident occurred was shared, the girl in question said;

“She has now changed to be a ‘slay queen’, so men should be careful as she going to mingle men and dry them to the last point of their root.”

In continuation, the SHS girl made it known that is very painful to be with someone in a relationship for over 5 years and the person will turn his/her back against you.

With the support of her friends in the dormitory, boldly, she confirmed her adopted new move starting from the beginning of the new year2020.

The advice to all men is, be watchful and careful in this new year…..

Watch video;

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