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10-Year-Old Nigerian Girl Appointed To Teach In A UK School As A Computer Expert

A young Nigerian girl is set to teach in a UK after-school club at the Southfields Primary School, Coventry, England.

This young Nigerian girl identified as Emmanuella Mayaki will be teaching following the discovery of her rare talent.
She is reportedly proficient in all main Microsoft programs by the age of seven and has even launched a website of her own.

An instructor, Martin Benbeidge stated that Emmanuella is not only the school’s star but has superior skill and passion for sharing knowledge
This report was made by the Vanguard and per the report, she has been able to achieve major things at such a tender age.
She also hopes to learn more programming languages like Prolog and Lisp as soon as possible.

On what she expects from the Nigerian government, she wants the Nigerian government to put up infrastructure that would allow kids to learn some computer skills and also be able to code.
Speaking in a submission, she said;
“I want to become a machine learning engineer because I have experience in programming and my job is to program a machine to perform specific tasks. My knowledge of modern software such as Eclipse, which I use to program Java applications, is also part of the reasons I want to be a machine learning engineer.
In the code club, I am teaching HTML and CSS, also graphics because if you build a website you need some graphics to add on to the page. In the club, there are currently about nine pupils. Hopefully, the club will increase its members in September.

Today, my Academy App among others is already on Google play store where I pass on knowledge of coding and graphics. I remember at age seven, I set a target to become a professional web designer and analyst at age nine, and I have accomplished it.”

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