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FORMULAR #1; Dad Tricks Kids, Convinced Them To Draw Him Sleeping So He Can Take A Nap

A white dad has played a smart move on his kids so he can have some peace of mind to take a nap without any disturbances.
The father who’s the father of three kids, asked his kids to draw him while he takes a nap in a peaceful way. He assured them of rewarding anyone who’s drawing would be perfect tricking them from disturbing him while he takes a nap.
As kids, they couldn’t detect they were been tricked to stop them from disturbing their dad. They were also seen quietly seated and drawing their dad while he slept peaceful.
Social media users shared their views on the tricky move, as captured below:
See format .oooo, am so doing this
This is future me with my kids
😂😂😂😂😂 I’m saving dis in my memory
This guy na very wise man …he nor want make the kids commont while him dey sleep 😜😂😂🤣

See The Screenshot Below:

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