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JUST IN: SHS Student on ‘HOT’ Twerking Moves Hits The Internet; (WATCH VIDEO)

Another hot twerking moves by SHS student gone viral on social media and concerns are highly raised against the rampant display of students in senior high schools.

This one has just hit the internet, from the video, it can be clearly seen the girl involved was wearing the school outing with name ‘AKYEREMA”, TKSHS.

The caption has led to the trace of the said school, which is a known school in Ashanti region.

Some days ago, seven female students on “Free Sex” video circulated on social media which later were the students were traced, and have been sacked from being borders and other punishment involved.

With the name captured, will make it easy to trace the location of this girl in the twerking video, for appropriate measures to be taken.

Watch video below;


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