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REVEALED: Joshua & Andrew Of “KECHE” Clashed On A Lady (Video)

The sensation duo, Joshua Kojo Ampah and Andrew Kofi Cudjoe of ‘Keche’ who have been active in the industry over years revealed their ever great secret in an interview.

Well, the interview was how they have been together for years now and there was no separation neither have have had issues leading to their splitting.

Joshua, disclosed during the interview, that, there have been series of hot issues between them and couldn’t led to their break up.

He continued to reveal one of the big issues arose some time ago; “We’ve clashed on one lady before”, said by Joshua.

Giving details about the said issue, I got a lady of which I showed her to my brother here Andrew. “I was the first person to climbthe mountain.

I once payed a visit to my bother in his house just to find the same lady in the house and even in the kitchen cooking for my brother which really indicated he has also climb the same mountain of which he knew about the mountain.

But this couldn't separate us and we moved and lived together up to this time.

Watch the interview below;

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