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Tenant Nearly Killed Lanlord For Hanging Around With His Wife On The #VALSDAY

The trending news which hits the front desk of, indicates a heavy fisticuff between a landlord and his tenant in Cape Coast, which ended the landlord face with bruices.

An eyewitness who is a neighbour accounted every single action took in this brouhaha.

A landlord who doubles as a Russian “borga” ha laughed at the wrong side of his mouth for sarcastically asking one of his tenant’s wife to flirt out on the Valsday. The wife politely declined but the landlord kept bombarding his admirer’s phones with calls and messages.

The husband only found out this dawn and went straight to confront his landlord. As usual, the landlord rubbished the claims and was shown the evidence! Before the landlord could beseech, his tenant pounced on him like a wounded lion in tight corner who has been threatened and dealt mercilessly with him.

The case is currently at the police station while the landlord is receiving treatment.

Flirting with someone’s own is not accepted culturally and morally, however,  many have been involved as a legal practice.

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