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(WATCH): My Biggest Song Is Not “Jenifer Lomotey” Rather “Tunnel Light” – Kurl Songx, And Explains Why

The Ghanaian sensational singer, Kurl Songx has revealed his biggest song is not “Jenifer Lomotey” rather “Tunnel Light” as many claims.
The afrobeat singer made this revelation during an interview with Sammy Flex on his YouTube channel.
Sammy Flex upon asking if “Jenifer Lomotey” was the singer’s biggest song, received a surprising answer from the singer.
According to Kurl Songx, his biggest song is “Tunnel Light” and not “Jenifer Lomotey”.
He went ahead to explain why after a snippet freestyle of “tunnel light”. He said, his biggest song per what he has put out, he feels “tunnel light” is the song he has created that is big and not popular.
This answer forced the host to ask him what is his popular song, before he answered with the obvious answer, “jenifer lomotey”

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