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WAYS To Avoid Getting Infected With Coronavirus

There is a massive uproar and fear on the continent after it was confirmed that the first case of coronavirus has been recorded in Nigeria.

We delve into some ways and practices that can help you to avoid getting infected with the deadly disease.
With the right measures and practices, one can be able to prevent himself or herself from the deadly disease.
Coronavirus usually affects the human respiratory system, causing symptoms from sneezing to coughing to shortness of breath and in some cases could lead to death.
Read the tips below and we hope we all avoid getting infected;
Wash hands regularly and properly
The most important thing is to wash your hand regularly and properly for a period of about 20 seconds with soap and clean water. Wash your hands after touching doorknobs, wash your hands after touching things especially in public places.
Keep a hand sanitizer very close to you
One may not bee having soap and water close to him or her at all times, so in these cases, all you can do is to have a hand sanitizer in your bag just in case there is no water and soap, you can keep a healthy lifestyle. Use these sanitizers as often as possible.
 Avoid having some physical contact with animals, animal products and raw meats because they might be contaminated.
When sneezing or coughing, always cover your mouth.
Try using a tissue to cover your mouth and dispose of the tissue properly. In case you use your hands to cover your mouth, wash immediately with soap and water.
Visit the hospital or clinic the moment you start to feel feverish, coughing and having flu. Seek doctors advice because it might or might not be coronavirus.

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