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Working And Being A Mom Is Not Easy – Serena Williams Tells

Thirty-nine (39) year old world decorated female sports personality, Serena Williams has revealed her daily activities of being a mother at home and working at the same time as a tennis player.

Most young girls look up to Serena and admire her for her ” never back down ” attitude and her fight to always win on and off the court. She’s a mentor and idol to most people and most especially, sport fans.

With a great number of people looking up to her for inspiration and drawing strength from her, Serena in her lastest where she is seen cuddling her baby, explained that she sometimes feels stressed, exhausted and tired being a mother.

1 minute she’s home being a mother and the next minute she’s on the court playing a professional tennis match but she’s still happy to be a mother and blesses all mothers out there.


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