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JUST IN: Tracey Sarkcess Not Happy A Parody Account Revealed Her Family’s Return To Ghana (See Posts)

Wife of Ghana’s biggest rapper, Sarkodie, Tracey Serakcess has lashed out at a fan running a parody account on Twitter.

Most artistes, Institutions and even Presidents have parody accounts created in their names.

These are accounts are mostly used to create humour and also looks at the lighter side of things.
But in a tweet complaining of a parody account that gave her and her family out when they returned to Ghana, Tracey said it’s high time those accounts are done away with.
To her, with time such people will start using her name to dupe people off their hard earned money with her name; somethings she really dislikes in her life.

She said “Can you stop with this nonsense and fake account, please?! Impersonating someone is a crime! If it’s a parody account fine but let it be known and stop deceiving people. It’s my name your playing with. Thank you & good morning” while replying to the fake account which announced her return to Ghana saying ” Welcome to Ghana. @sarkodie and myself with Titi have arrived in Ghana. Thank God for traveling mercies”.
She added, “Next thing you know, he/she will start asking ppl for momo as if it were me!”

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