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Family Of YouTuber Nicole Thea Reveals The Real Cause Of Her Death

The real cause of YouTuber and dancer Nichole Thea revealed by her family
According to them, they heard she had a serious heart attack and has been complaining of back and chest pains
They added that because he was a dancer they don’t think she has any underlying health problems

Finally, they said, the only thing to give them a clearer idea of what really happened to her is the post-mortem
From what I heard at the moment, we think she had a massive heart attack. She had it in her house and she was telling her partner that she had pains in her chest and her back. Nicole was saying that she was struggling to breathe. She was struggling with her chest – she had a pain in her chest. It is so surreal as she was so young. It is such a shock. It has really, really shaken us all up. She is a dancer and we don’t think she had any underlying health problems. It is terrible. But we won’t know for sure until we have the post-mortem

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