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Passengers Asked To Provide Their ID Cards Or Get Dropped (VIDEO)

2020 has been a year of many misfortune across the globe. Coronavirus has caused many problems like financial, social, and political instability to all the affected countries.
In spite of this pandemic. Ghana is yet to elect her political leaders which is often done in the general elections.

A video spotted by captured a bus of passengers being asked by persons in the immigration uniform to either provide or show up their identity card, being the new Ghana card or their new voter ID which is currently ongoing.

In the said video, the unknown officer said,” we are in a political year so, they don’t want any problem so if you know you don’t have either Ghana card or the voters ID just come out from the drop-down”.

This may sound quite weird as one would ask, so if I did not carry my id on me, it means I can’t travel within my country again???
Watch the video below

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