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“I’m Now Sure God Is A Woman”– ‘Obolo’ Lady On Twitter Says As She Gushes Over Her ‘Wonderful’ Shape (Video)

Ever looked at yourself in the mirror, and admired yourself soo much that, you wish you could just date your own self? Well this lady on Twitter has sparked controversy after opining that, God is a woman, because of her ‘Wonderful’ body.

In the sighted video, the lady with the name FatGirlsPresident on Twitter is seen gushing over her body and showering self-praise on herself as she gives a 360 turn to flaunt all of her assets to her followers.

She’s heard saying in local language; “Even just looking at myself, I’ve cum… what kind of body, look at it”

“Look at me, you naa are you not admiring the body” she continues to say in the video.

After ranting and showing off, her body which does not hide her big potbelly, she then says, she’s convinced now that God is a woman, because all she sees is abundance—-Yup, there’s an abundance of fat too girl.

Check her video below:

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