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SAD: Woman Abandons Newborn Baby In A Toilet Bin, Covers It With Toilet Roll (Video)

Indeed fear women! The saying, perhaps, was invented for numerous reasons including this very one which shows how wicked and cruel some women can be in all parts of the world.
A video sighted online shows a baby that was abandoned by its mother in Bremen a neighborhood in Kumasi and it is really sad.
Per the video, the baby was discovered in a toilet bin and from the look of things, one can tell that it’s not even a year old.
The baby was found in the bin covered with toilet rolls and other papers.
The unidentified woman, as wicked as she could be filled the baby’s mouth with papers to prevent it from crying out loud to the hearing of her neighbours who could have come to its rescue.

In God’s own wisdom, an old lady sighted the bin and called others to help her retrieve and rescue the baby who was in a near-death situation.

A woman who was touched by the baby’s cry was touched as she could be heard in the background telling the person who discovered the baby that he should be handed over to her for upkeep. From the discussion, it was revealed to that the woman who promised to take care of the baby is childless.
Her neighbours also promised to donate some items to her in order to help her take good care of the baby.

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