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VIDEO: Never Wish To Try With Me, Because You Won’t Come Out – Stephanie Benson Warns Ghanaian Guys

The UK-based Ghanaian international singer and performer Stephanie Benson has sent a strict warning to Ghanaian guys who wish to have sex with her.

Stephanie Benson, aside from music, who is probably known for her erotic lifestyle in a post on social media warned guy in her inbox to be careful what they wish for because she is something else down there.
According to the singer, her “Vajayjay” is very powerful, hence will take a very strong man to be able to handle her.
The beautiful mother of 5 revealed that when she receives texts in her DMs about guys who want to have sex with her, she laughs it off because she’s “dangerous.”
“I’m dangerous. Not anyone can enter my “vajayjay”. No Ghanaian guy has ever entered me, however if I agree for one to enter, you won’t come out. My vajayjay is like vice.”
Watch her video below;

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