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Shatta Wale Disses Stonebwoy ‘Basabasa’ On His New Released Song ‘Kill And Gone’ (Video)



Shatta Wale drops a teaser of his yet to be released song dubbed ‘Kill and gone’ as a reply to Stonebwoy’s Blaze Dem diss song to him after their Asaase Radio Sound Clash.

Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy’s beef looks like it’s on the verge of resurrecting again after their tremendous clash on Asaase Radio Sound Clash that was held on the weekend inside Asaase Radio studio in Accra.

The clash between the two biggest dancehall acts Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy took place with a lot of fans rooting for their favorite artistes to win the competition.

Before the show kicked off, the organizer of the clash called for peace between the two performers, as he asked them both not to use any abusive language and to take the fight as personal beef.

We witnessed incredible performances from Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale consecutively, as fans were delighted with wonderful songs. The show was marred when Shatta Wale called Stonebwoy a cripple, but as he proceeded to act, Stonebwoy managed to shake it off without any outburst of rage.

Stonebwoy also proved to have a tough skin during his clash with Shatta Wale as he managed to reply his opponent as the show proceeded.

An appalling moment we saw was when Shatta Wale tried to use Stonebwoy’s godfather, Samini’s song to jab him but unperturbed Stonebwoy called his former label boss a ‘sellout’.

After their clash, Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy seem create a signal to Ghanaians that we should expect another gun-pulling beef between the two.

Stonebwoy released ‘Blaze Dem’ which had some verses jabbing Shatta Wale.


Shatta Wale has been seen recording a song targeted at Stonebwoy especially with the comment, he raised that Samini is a ‘sell-out’ during their clash on Asaase Radio.

Listen to the teaser of Shatta Wale’s diss song to Stonebwoy as a reply to his Blaze Dem diss song:


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