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WATCH: Young Artist Turns Heads On Social Media With A Picture Which Appears Like Living Human Being



A fine artist, Chubby Onyesoro, has wowed social media with his work and people’s reactions are a mix of wonder and praise at his masterpiece.

Mr Onyesoro said that he is a 3D pencil artist and shared one of his many works on Twitter on Saturday, November 21.

Not only did people help him to massively share his post, but they were also stunned by how he was able to pull a drawing that seems to have a life of its own with just a pencil.

The Nigerian artist shared four pictures that captured the different moments of the drawing process.

In one of the photos, the model sat in front of the finished work to show how well detailed the piece is.

His photos quickly went viral on the bird app and have gathered over 10,000 retweets as at the time of writing this report.


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