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Why Teacher Unions Are Silent On New Salary Base Pay For Teachers

Every year the Joint Standing Negotiating Committee (JSNC), meet with the Labour Unions to decide on new minimum wage.

This is normally done before the end of the year for payment to take effect on January the following year.

In 2020, the last budget was silent on the new minimum wage and salary base pay for Teachers.

There was news circulating on social media and other news portals, the government has agreed to pay teachers 12.5 percent for January 2021.

Ghana National Association of Teachers(GNAT) released a press statement to disregard such news.

The budget read by the Government at the latter part of last year,2020, was to take care of the transitional period after the General Elections and that budget covers the first quarter of 2021 (ie Jan to March 2021).

GNAT stated in the press release that, salary negotiations and base pay will done in April, 2021.

Minister-Designate for Education, the former Deputy minister of Education wrote on his Facebook page to debunk rumors that he said teachers will receive 12.5 percent pay increase.

Will teachers be paid areas, if salary negotiations to start April when will it take effect.

Labour unions are silent on the new minimum wage, public sector workers were expecting increment in their January salary but nothing was paid.

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